Individual counseling creates a safe and caring space where you can explore your emotions and discover unique possibilities for healing. With guidance from a trained therapist, you’ll have the opportunity to gain a new perspective on the challenges that you are facing and to discover pathways to move forward towards the life that you want for yourself.


Family therapy addresses any challenges that a family is facing with the aim of resolving conflicts and promoting psychological well-being. During this process, each member of the family has an opportunity to discuss their concerns, emotions, and thoughts. The approach that is used is based on the specific needs and dynamics of each family

Child Custody
and Mediation

Child Custody Mediation is an opportunity for parents to resolve conflict and to create a co-parenting plan with help from an impartial third party. This process helps families to avoid the adverse effects that parental conflict has on children as well as to avoid the legal fees that are associated with court disputes. Facilitation from a natural third party enables parents to identify their unique contribution to their children’s lives so that both parents can be actively involved in cultivating healthy relationships with their children

Co- parenting

During the sessions parents benefit from facilitation by a trained therapist so that they can separate their marital problems from parenting issues as they explore how to raise their children together after a divorce or separation. During this process. a parenting plan is created which takes into account the child's age and developmental stage. The aim of co-parent counseling is to create an environment where children are protected from the adverse effects of parental conflicts so that they can reach their full potential.

Counseling/ Consultation

Pre-divorce counseling helps couples to navigate the difficult emotions that are associated with the end of a relationship. The goal is to facilitate a peaceful divorce and to help children transition from one household to two. During the sessions, couples are given the support and tools that they need to navigate through the process and communicate effectively which is important for the psychological well-being of all of the family members.

Brené Brown

The Daring Greatly™ and Rising Strong™ workshops are at the core of the research done by Dr. Brown on courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy. As a certified Daring Way™ facilitator (CDWF), all the couples, groups and individual sessions are conducted in a safe space with the focus on overall client's enrichment.learn more

I use an eclectic approach from solution focused therapy, family systems, cognitive behavioral, existential etc. to create a plan that suits the unique needs of each client. My work with my clients is based on a collaborative approachI with the goal to provide them the support they need to overcome the unique challenges that they are facing.

I am passionate about my work and my goal is to primarily get parents to have a conversation about their kids and help them understand the adverse affect of parental conflict and how to resolve it so they can have a healthy co-parenting relationship. My other focus is in working with individuals and help them build resiliency skills to overcome their stressors. As well as guide them in building their tools so they can cope and manage their concerns.

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